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Taylor Swift is velvet fan

Taylor Swift has shared which items she'll be wearing for fall.

The singer has co-designed a footwear line with Keds, and discussed her views on style to promote the new line.

Taylor was interviewed by US Marie Claire's senior fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi in a short film where she revealed the items she is looking forward to wearing next season.

"I like a good velvet shoe, that's something I like and want to try to incorporate into what I wear for fall and for winter," Taylor smiled in the video.

"For fall I try to stick to the neutral tones like browns and the darker colours but not full on winter, like black."

As well as footwear, the new line Taylor's co-designed with Keds includes dresses. The 23-year-old chart topper is known for her love of feminine outfits, and patterns like stripes and polka dots. She does have an interest in fashion, but doesn't obsess over it.

"Not to the point where I have an impressive vocabulary about it. You know how some people have an impressive fashion vocabulary, like 'Oh my god those lines in that new, oh my god I died, I died'. Or they go to all the shows and know exactly the new thing everyone is doing is all the new trends," she joked.

"I love to follow fashion but sometimes I think it can be like everyone is dressing like a motorcycle driver or wearing a scuba suit and it doesn't really apply to my life so I take what applies to my life."

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