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Taylor Swift's apple butter cravings

Taylor Swift loves munching on dumplings, it's been claimed.

The 25-year-old singer has been mistaken for a model in the past thanks to her height and willowy limbs. Many would suspect she existed on a diet of lettuce to keep her toned body, but she's actually a fan of the odd splurge too.

One of her favourite places to eat is a diner called Cracker Barrel in Tennessee, where she munches on things like fried chicken.

"Taylor usually comes in with her family and sits by the window or out in the back room. She really likes apple butter and biscuits. I've waited on her and she always wants a tone of apple butter. And dumplings - she is a big fan of the dumplings we do here," server Connie told British magazine Heat.

Apple butter is a concentrated form of apple sauce which is made by cooking the fruit until the sugar in them caramelises and goes brown.

As well as enjoying hearty food, Taylor also likes to show her appreciation. Apparently when she realised she's been to school with one of the staff at the restaurant she left a $100 tip.

"Taylor's always really relaxed when she comes here. She's always very nice and is so humble. She feels like she can let her guard down here," server Tammy added.

It's little surprise the star has a relaxed attitude towards her diet as she's known to want to portray healthiness for her fans. She feels it's important for women not to get too caught up in how they think they should look, as what's important is accepting yourself.

"I just think how I dress and how I present myself and how I articulate how I am feeling. I'm a young woman with certain responsibilities. I have fans that are important to me. I'm older and I want to age gracefully and that includes now and that also includes when I am in my 40s," she said to the British edition of Hello! magazine previously.

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