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Teresa Palmer's baby-boosted beauty

Teresa Palmer has had to get used to her baby son "throwing her make-up around" while she's trying to get ready.

The Australian actress and her husband Mark Webber welcomed their first child together, a son called Bodhi, in February last year.

While she's getting used to caring for a baby, the 29-year-old has realised how well being a mum suits her lifestyle.

"It complements my beauty routine, because before Bodhi was here, I was really natural, and now that he’s here, even more reason to be natural," she smiled to when asked about motherhood.

"It has actually aligned perfectly, because I’m really extremely casual. I don’t spend too much time focusing on the physical beauty, because I have a little guy to tend to. And every now and then, when I go on a date night without him, I would say I just have a little less time to do make-up. He’s usually either breastfeeding or throwing my make-up around, so I have to do it very quickly, in a couple of minutes."

While Teresa keeps her look casual away from the camera, she's often getting her hair and make-up done for roles in films such as Knight of Cups and Point Break. Thanks to her career, she's managed to learn some beauty tips to take home.

"A main one that I’ve been learning a lot about recently is don’t be afraid to use oils on your hair. I can get very wild hair because it’s this beachy texture, so I’ve been using coconut oil, which I learned on my last film, all over my body, including completely lathering it into my hair," she explained.

"And I’ll just sleep like that, and in the morning my skin just absorbs the moisture of the oil, and so does my hair. It’s pretty transformational, so that’s a big tip I’ve been learning a lot about."

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