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Thandie ditches heavy makeup

Thandie Newton feels you can't really "see" someone if they're wearing makeup.

The 40-year-old actress is famed for her stunning looks and is the face of skincare brand Olay and an ambassador for anti-ageing products.

While she might sport heavy make-up for film roles, these days Thandie prefers to look fresh faced - something her 13-year-old daughter Ripley agrees with.

"At this point in life, for me it's just no make-up. No make-up is the look because that's where you really see the person," she explained to British newspaper The Telegraph.

"[Ripley] was asked, 'When do you think your mommy's most beautiful?' and she said, 'When she wakes up in the morning.' And I couldn't believe that, how sweet that was - that's when I'm most me."

In 2008's RocknRolla, Thandie played cool character Stella.

She sported an over-the-top make-up look for the gangster flick.

"That was absolutely something that I got from my fashion make-up artist friend Kay Montano," she revealed.

"So I like to take the fashion side of make-up which is cutting edge, really cool, and take that into the film world, as the film world tends to be a little bit behind in terms of, you know, the cooler side of make-up."

Thandie is a big fan of book Eat Yourself Young by Elizabeth Peyton-Jones.

It's inspired the actress to drink super healthy juices when she can.

"Filling myself with vital nutrients are like the fast track to feeling good," she smiled. "You just read it and immediately want to run out and get a juicer. Just one fabulous juice a day can fill your body with all the right vitamins and minerals which make you feel amazing."

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