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Thandie: I style myself

Thandie Newton enjoys "publicising" designers' clothes at star-studded events.

The British beauty always wears striking ensembles while at star-studded events, such as a cute and colourful Eki Orleans dress at the Go Polo Perfect for Audi International event in July. Many may be fooled into thinking she brings in the help of fashion experts to pick her ensembles, but Thandie actually acts solo.

"In terms of style, I just wear what I love. I don't have a stylist who tells me what to put on or suggests things. I know enough to be able to contact designers themselves, ask to borrow their clothes and enjoy publicising their great work. I get to feel like Cinderella!" she smiled to British magazine Look.

There are some designers in particular whose work Thandie often turns to. One is relatively unknown on the scene, and the 41-year-old actress appreciates the detail put into her pieces.

"There's one I've come across recently called Stella Jean. She's half Italian, half Haitian, and her clothes are a celebration of cross-cultures," Thandie explained. "She uses gorgeous '50s silhouettes on jackets and cute dresses but in wild fabrics from parts of Africa or South America. Her stuff is quite fabulous."

While Thandie enjoys the rush of the high life when attending premieres it isn't just those occasions which she makes an effort for. She married her spouse Ol Parker in 1998 and together they have children Nico, Ripley and Booker.

"I love [looking glamorous], yes. But I enjoy dressing up as much to go out to dinner with my hubby as I do for the red carpet," Thandie added.

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