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Thandie Newton welcomes blisters

Thandie Newton has a secret foot fetish and "welcomes blisters".

The actress admits she enjoys the pain of breaking in a new pair of heels.

Speaking at the Cinema for Peace Foundation gala in Beverly Hills, Thandie likened the experience of wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes for the first time to the pain of giving birth.

"The thing about blisters is that, if you get a blister it's good. The skin in that area is going to toughen up, so it actually means your feet have been wounded and healed to wear those specific shoes," Thandie revealed to PEOPLE.

"You've actually got a callus on the spot where those shoes are always going to rub, so I always welcome the blister - it's like the labour for birth."

Thandie continued to share the extent of the strange pleasure she gets from foot pain. She admitted even her husband, British screenwriter-and-film director Ol Parker, has issues with her theory.

The 40-year-old beauty explained her dirty little secret is that she deliberately ignores her husband's style advice, as she has to always wear the most uncomfortable shoes she can find.

"He helps me [get dressed]," Thandie shared. "I'll hold up two pairs of shoes and ask, 'Which ones?' and he'll say, 'The ones that didn't give you the blister, Thandie.' And then I'll go for the other ones!"

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