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The Bling Ring went for 'real' clothes

Barely any of the clothes in The Bling Ring were especially made for the movie.

Sofia Coppola's latest movie follows the true stories of fame-obsessed teens who break into celebrities' houses to steal things.

For costume designer Stacey Battat it was about recreating classic looks rather than making new pieces.

"We didn't make a lot of stuff for this movie! We made clothes for Somewhere, but for The Bling Ring, we wanted things you would recognise. We wanted a real Balenciaga bag, an actual Louis Vuitton trunk - these characters wanted the Versace dress because it was the Versace dress," she explained to Teen Vogue.

"We also used lower-priced brands. Wildfox was a great find. It's very LA, and it really suited those girls. The same with Free City! It's just very LA in a way that it's not New York or Oklahoma or someplace else."

Starring Emma Watson, it's a story about excess and aiming to recreate the A-list style.

Stacey explained the progression of the clothes throughout the story.

"With all the characters, we wanted to show they were kids that knew what those clothes were. They read tabloid magazines and would see Paris Hilton wearing a Roberto Cavalli dress at a party," she revealed.

"We started with them having things that were more accessible to the average teenager who has maybe one pair of $200 jeans if they're lucky. For the most part, they probably wear clothes from Urban Outfitters or Old Navy. And as time progressed, their wardrobe did get more expensive. It was pretty easy to do because we started with clothes that were inexpensive!"

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