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The Rock's loincloth workout

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's Hercules wardrobe was all the inspiration he needed to work out.

The actor will be seen in this summer's blockbuster Hercules, where he takes on the lead role. Dwayne is renowned for his hulking physique, but admits he got even more intense in the gym when he saw what he was being called on to wear for the shoot.

"When you're going to be in a loincloth, it changes your training," he laughed to Men's Health magazine. "I do 30 - 35 minutes of cardio every morning. I wake up, have some coffee, then jump on the elliptical trainer. I'll slam about one litre of water before breakfast."

Dwayne trained for two years to get in shape for the action film, hitting the gym twice a day six days a week. He also had cheat days, during which he really went to town.

"I turned them into absurd, Olympic events with pizza, brownies, pancakes - as much as I could eat," he said. "I approach cheat meals like tequila. I used to go bottle to lips, but now I sip. Well, now and then I go bottle to lips. You've got to."

The 42-year-old star realises some people stop pushing themselves as they get older, but it's not something he understands. He believes he is in the right decade to see real results when he ups his routine.

"I don't train to maintain, I train to progress," he stated. "In your late thirties your muscles have great maturity and memory, so you can make incredible gains."

The star also gave some tips on how to make the most of a workout. For him, setting the scene is essential, so he has to have the right soundtrack to keep him pumped.

"I use bigger headphones to cancel out all the noise," he said. "Life is hectic and crazy and shutting all of that out makes it 'you vs you' time. It's 95 per cent hardcore hip-hop. The other five per cent is Metallica and Disturbed."

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