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Theo James: Boss is pushing boundaries

Theo James saves the new Hugo Boss fragrance which he is the face of for special events.

The British actor is fronting the new Boss: The Scent campaigns, showing off his suave looks in a tailored suit. A beautiful female model completes the sultry shot.

Theo has been aware of Hugo since he was a child, and relates to its "firm, iconic, old-school and masculine" image.

"I grew up with a very cool, masculine dad, and my grandfather was similar, he was very stylish, and that's kind of what appealed to me,” he explained to Details. “And now Boss is pushing the boundaries a little bit from what they're used to doing, and they're very good at doing stylish and sleek and successful, but with this there's this kind of element of seduction, it's one of the words they're using and it's true, there's a kind of dark nature to the campaign, there's mystery and the richness of what that kind of masculinity means.”

The new fragrance mixes ginger, lavender and leather together, for a strong scent.

The heavy smell means it's not necessarily an everyday aftershave, and 30-year-old Theo generally keeps it for special occasions.

"I wear it sporadically. I don't think you need to wear it every day. I think it should be reserved for events, when you're going out, or you want to feel good and confident out,” he said. "It's also good to wear a single one consistently, because then that becomes part of your identity, your smell, and people kind of pair you with that.”

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