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Theroux's quick workouts

Justin Theroux tries to get his workouts done as quickly as possible.

The 43-year-old actor is engaged to former Friends star Jennifer Aniston and they are believed to be in the process of planning their wedding at the moment. While many brides-to-be get obsessed about looking their best for the big day, it's not something which stresses Justin out very much.

"I do it mainly for my mental health. I do some of the normal stuff - I just lift some weights, crunches, running, cardio - but I try and get it all in like 45 minutes," he told British magazine Hello!

Justin is covered in tattoos and has no problem discussing why he loves inkings so much. For many people they are a history of their life, with every etching having a deep and meaningful story attached.

That's not really the way it is for the star, who has a more relaxed approach towards the brandings.

"Oh, that's just one of those random tattoos that me and my buddy got one night. Like a million random ones," he said of the number 11 he has inked on his wrist.

"I wish I had better stories for all of my tattoos but it's usually after a couple of cocktails and I have a friend who is a tattoo artist and he's like, 'Want to go back to the shop?' And I'm like, 'Yes.' It's like having a sticker collection."

Justin is good friends with tattoo artist Scott Campbell, who is behind many of the pieces he has on him. The actor has returned the favour on occasion, although he isn't quite so talented.

"I've done a bunch of them. I did a really great wolf's head. I did an amazing skull and crossbones. I did a stunning yin-yang on him. I messed every single one of them up. But he kind of likes it," Justin previously giggled. "I did a yin-yang, which is probably one of the worst yin-yangs. We laughed so hard. It might be one of the worst yin-yangs ever made. A little bit egg-shaped."

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