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T.I. crazy for cardigans

T.I. believes his label Akoo reflects his diverse taste in clothing.

The hip-hop musician discussed his vision behind his urban-contemporary clothing line Akoo.

T.I. believes the attitude of the collection is a good reflection of his own diverse style tastes.

“It can be as urban as raw denim jeans, Air Jordans and a white T-shirt. Or it could be as progressive and fashionable as a cardigan with a woven shirt, a pair of slick cargos and some wing tips, for that matter,” he observed to WWD. “It just depends on the occasion, my mood and what area of Earth I happen to be occupying that day. It’s the way the Earth and the moon and the stars come together to make me throw on this, that or the other.”

The gangster rap star collaborated on his Akoo label with a design team, headed up by creative director Ralph Reynolds. T.I. says he inputs a constant stream of inspiration throughout the design process.

“It’s things that I buy and I like that I feel we should incorporate into our style,” he explained. “They send me designs and I say, ‘No this can’t work. Yes, this is dope. Add this to that, add this detail to that cargo pocket.’ There’s so much meticulous detail that goes into it.”

T.I. recently collaborated on Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams. The huge success of the track has ensured he can afford to purchase more of his beloved bling. He says the glittering braided necklace he sports around his neck is made of gold and diamonds worth a significant amount.

“50 carats of diamonds and 36 ounces of gold,” he finished.

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