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Tilda's five hour screen makeover

Tilda Swinton describes The Grand Budapest Hotel as the "best fancy dress party in the world".

The 53-year-old actress is transformed into the glamorous and elderly Madame D. in Wes Anderson's upcoming film. Her drastic change in appearance took five fours in a make-up chair to create the realistic finish.

Speaking about the experience on set Tilda recalled how amusing it was to be in character.

“I only did it for two days, so it was not like Jim Carrey in The Grinch or any of that kind of stuff," she explained to

"Oh, it’s like going to the best fancy dress party in the world, and you get your costume provided for you. And in this case half a butcher shop of meat to stick on my face. It was just a hilarious and wonderful group of people. It would be hard to resist any party that Wes Anderson threw as far as I’m concerned."

Tilda's normally flawless skin was given deep wrinkles and completed with the addition of liver spots. As she sat and let the make-up artists tend to her face the blonde star found it exciting to watch herself change.

"It was fascinating watching the way these guys work. I had a whole team taking these bits of what looked like bacon and putting them on my face and arms and earlobes," she laughed.

"It’s fascinating. I’m such a nerd about that kind of stuff. I really, really loved it."

Tilda previously worked with filmmaker Wes on his 2012 feature Moonrise Kingdom. This time round she feels the director has upped his game and she loved working with an A-list cast including Bill Murray and Ralph Fiennes.

"It’s a beautiful film. It’s Wes Anderson at the top of his game. Most of the cast came in and out. It was like holiday camp with people coming in and out, almost sleeping in each other’s beds, one night after the next, ships in the night," Tilda smiled.

"It was great. And we all went to see the film, and it was better than all of us could imagine, and Wes Anderson holds that all in his head. It’s kind of phenomenal."

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