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Tina Fey OK with sweating

Tina Fey says once you've showered after sweating it out on stage during a tough gig, things aren't really so bad.

The American funny woman became a household name thanks to her work with legendary comedy show Saturday Night Live.

She has since become one of the hottest names in TV and film, but credits bad improvisation gigs with helping her achieve the career she's had.

"You lose your fear of failure in improv because you fail so much. And once you’ve been out on stage, sweating, and it’s gone terribly, you realise that it doesn’t actually kill you. You still go home at night and take a shower and go to sleep," Tina explained to British newspaper The Sunday Times.

Describing her personal style as "fashion backwards" Tina has become instantly recognisable for the black rimmed glasses that she wears.

She's currently playing a leather-booted Russian warden in fun flick Muppets Most Wanted.

“It’s timely. I think, when they were writing the script, having a Russian villain just seemed like an old comedy troupe. And now it’s like, oh, Russia is still Russia. You don’t screw around over there," she explained.

Tina, 43, appears sans her specs in the movie, instead swapping her eyewear for some more winter friendly accessories.

She sports a grey fur hat, complete with a fur collared army coat as well as a pair of leather gloves on screen.

Tina also opts out of wearing her glasses whenever she attends a glitzy party, as she feels she may look reminiscent of one of Dustin Hoffman's most memorable movie characters.

"Yes it's a fetishised object [glasses], but I don't feel like I have to wear them all the time any more. I try not to wear them if I'm wearing a gown... If I'm too dressed up with glasses, I tend to look like Tootsie," she recently laughed to Britain's Time Out London magazine.

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