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Tom Ford: My perfumes are potent

Tom Ford doesn't make perfume which smells like a "watery splash".

The fashion designer has created a line of make-up, skincare and perfume this year. It features three fragrances called Jasmin Rouge, Santal Blush and Violet Blonde.

Tom has warned they aren't for the faint hearted.

"I don't make anything that smells like a watery splash. They are all potent. I tend towards amber, patchouli and sandalwood notes and I love jasmine," he explained.

"Santal Blush feels like the nude, natural, sun goddess look. It's counterpart, Jasmin Rouge, is more full-on, high evening."

Tom is still creating womenswear and has discussed his inspiration.

He made a name for himself by shocking people and that's something he still loves to do. However, nowadays he only surprises when he thinks it is really needed.

"I'm still provocative - but I don't provoke just to provoke. I usually do something to challenge people to think about it," he told the January edition of UK magazine InStyle.

"[With inspirations] you just start with one director, then, in a fitting, you think, 'This isn't working,' and you tear a sleeve off - and that's what makes it modern and original."

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