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Tom Hardy: Bronson diet took its toll

Tom Hardy's physique was a "road crash" after starring in Bronson.

The British hunk played the title role in the 2008 biographical crime film, which follows the life of notorious prisoner Michael Gordon Peterson.

Tom had to add a lot of fat for the tough guy role, and says it didn't do his body any favours.

"I was a mess after Bronson. I got really fat. I was a real road crash," he told Shortlist magazine. "So Pnut [his friend and personal trainer] had the problem of getting the rust off me.

"For Bronson I just ate chocolate and pizza, lifted Pnut up and down the stairs, played Xbox, shaved my head and grew a moustache."

Tom is now starring in Warrior, which follows the story of two brothers who compete against each other in a mixed martial arts competition.

The 34-year-old actor boasts an impressive form in the movie, and says it required a lot of hard work to get back into shape.

"By the time I went to Pittsburgh to film Warrior I had two hours of boxing, two hours of muay thai, two hours of jiu jitsu, two hours of choreography and two hours of weight lifting a day, every day for eight weeks," he explained. "I don't know how people do that every day. Bronson was fun."

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