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Tommy Hilfiger: My designs are accessible

Tommy Hilfiger says his eponymous line is so successful because it is not "frightening fashion".

The designer is famed for his preppy designs which appeal to an international audience. The 60-year-old star says the brand's distinctive look is behind it's huge success.

"The Tommy image is wholesome, preppy and all-American with a twist. And that preppy image plays very well worldwide," he said in an interview with Style magazine.

"It's as popular in Tokyo as in Rio. It's widely accepted as fashionable, but not frightening fashion. It's accessible and wearable."

Tommy has revealed his secret to remaining relevant in the fickle fashion sphere. The designer says he is relying more on marketing nowadays too.

"Our look and image never change dramatically from one season to the next, so we need an edge. In our last collection, we had classic menswear prints reworked with a feminine twist - say, engineer stripes on shirtdresses. We also have a runway collection made in Italy that is more tailored and sophisticated," he explained.

"We give that to music stars and Hollywood types, such as Diane Kruger and Bradley Cooper, and market it in a different way without big advertising.

"Marketing is so important now. The voice to the world has to be powerful, consistent and unique. There is a lot of competition we have to cut through."

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