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Tommy Lee Jones: I deserve designer clothes

Tommy Lee Jones plans to have all future suits made by a Savile Row tailor.

The American actor has been in the movie industry for several decades now, making a name for himself in films such as Batman Forever and the first two Men in Black instalments. His successful career means he has had the privilege of moving overseas to Britain, where he can indulge in the English capital's fashion perks.

“I’m very comfortable in London. I lived for about five weeks in a house in Chapel Street in Belgravia," he smiled to British newspaper The Guardian.

“I enjoy the island. I have long, enduring relationships with people there. Actually, by now I’ve got a tailor on Savile Row [in London's Mayfair]. This one [I'm wearing] was not made there but all my suits in the future will be made on that street. It feels kind of nice. I’m kind of pleased with myself that I’ve got a tailor on Savile Row. I’m 68 years old. I deserve it.”

Tommy is as busy as ever, currently promoting his latest film The Homesman. He directs the western flick as well as playing drifter George Briggs opposite Hilary Swank's Mary Bee Cuddy.

To capture the feel of the characters, Tommy hired costume designer Lahly Poore to create their outfits, praising her finished pieces.

"Her costumes are perfectly appropriate and specific to 1855. She achieved beautiful work with a small budget," he recently gushed.

Lahly previously spoke about creating Mary Bee's look, which she aimed to make practical.

“She wears a fur hat because she, of course, shot and killed her own food,” the designer explained. “It’s warm, it does the trick, but at the same time she can have her hair up and it’s outside the hat. So it balances out the size of the dresses and the hips.”

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