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Toni Collette: Bald head is freeing

Toni Collette finds it "cleansing" to shave all her hair off.

The 41-year-old actress has been brave enough to shed her locks for several films in the past, and is doing the deed again for her upcoming flick Miss You Already, in which she plays Drew Barrymore’s onscreen terminally ill best friend.

While many may view her decision to go hairless so many times a bold choice, Toni insists the sensation is a freeing one for her.

“Shaving your head is like a cleanse for me, you know? That’s what it feels like. A fresh start. I did it for my friend once, because her fashion line was inspired by the hill tribes of Nepal; she plied me with champagne,” she explained to The Edit.

“I did it in a Peter Greenaway movie. I did it after meeting my husband. I did it for the first time in Mexico, on my 25th birthday. It comes from not wanting to feel boxed in, because people assume they know who I am. We’re constantly evolving, [so] it’s a big, ‘F**k you, you actually don’t know who I am, because I don’t know who I am.'”

Toni is known for wearing kooky outfits on screen but away from the camera she is passionate about fashion, finding magazines “completely inspirational”. One wardrobe staple she relies on is jeans, and one particular designer has caught her eye with her chic designs.

“The stretch is really good on Citizens of Humanity [jeans]. I’m buying a pair of Victoria Beckham Denim jeans from the shoot today, actually. They were so flattering. And I’m so happy for her,” Toni smiled. “Victoria Beckham! She’s obviously very talented, because from what I’ve seen her work is beautiful. She’s really gone on from the Spice Girls and created such a wonderful career for herself. It’s a great thing to be able to do that.”

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