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Toni Collette: I smell of Indian oil

Toni Collette has shared what she keeps in her handbag.

The 41-year-old actress has given Us Weekly a glimpse into her handbag, dishing out what must-haves she keeps with her. One of the items is irresistible for Toni and enhances her entire facade.

"I spritz on white amber oil that's originally from India," she smiled. "I buy it from a little shop called Curandera NYC, and it's heaven. All I want to do is smell myself!"

As she is so busy filming various films and TV shows, Toni has to change outfits and jewellery a lot. To keep her valuables safe the blonde star uses a quirky method while out and about.

"I keep a plastic jar with me to put my wedding ring and earrings in whenever I'm working," she laughed. "It's the only place I know they won't get lost."

Toni, who's been married to Dave Galafassi since 2003 and has two children with him, makes sure her handbag is big enough to keep clothing in it too. This comes in handy for when she needs to de-layer her outfits, which often consist of a retro piece.

"Since it's bloody boiling outside, and every building is over-air-conditioned, I carry around a vintage denim jacket," she added. "It's basically threadbare, but I love it!"

The film star recently spoke about her opinion on looks in the limelight, and how celebrities obsess over their exterior. Toni is a strong advocate of inner beauty.

"I think [our obsession with appearance] insane. I believe in nurturing the inner world. I believe the more important thing is your mind and your heart. Those two things are the most ignored parts of our beings," she explained. "The people who are most attractive to me are those who feel most comfortable in their skin - there’s a sense of self-acceptance."

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