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Toni Collette's simple beauty

Toni Collette found having a shaved head a freeing experience.

The 42-year-old actress is a mother of two, so most of her time goes on looking after her children. She always settles them in bed before she gets ready for an evening out, which tends to mean she doesn't have long to focus on herself.

"It takes me 15 minutes to get ready. I scrub my body and moisturise with coconut oil. I have good skin because I have always taken care of it and I eat well," she told British newspaper The Guardian. "The majority of cleansing products I use are from Jan Marini. Make-up-wise, I spend most time on the eyes – everything else is slapped on and worked in using my fingers."

Toni is sporting a cropped look at the moment, as she shaved her head for a role not long ago. Many women use their hair as a security blanket, but she has found it revolutionary not to have long tresses. Not least because it cuts down on the amount of getting-ready time she needs, as the star can pretty much wash and go.

This low-key approach to beauty spills over into Toni's fashion choices. Long gone are the days where she was willing to cram herself into an uncomfortable outfit, with the star caring less and less about what other people think now.

"I’m more and more comfortable in my skin as I get older, and I don’t follow trends. I dress at the last minute and go with whatever feels comfy, and I wear shoes I can walk in," she said.

"I covet pretty things but rarely wear them."

That means the actress is usually found in things like jeans and trainers, although when she has to look smarter, she goes for designers such as Vanessa Bruno and Isabel Marant.

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