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Tony Bennett celebrates Armani

Stars have spoken about why they love Armani, as the brand celebrates 40 years in fashion.

The legendary singer, along with a host of other famous faces, has shot a slick short film for British GQ on Giorgio Armani’s celebrated designs, with the brand celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

The likes of Tony, Ray Liotta, Benicio del Toro, Martin Scorsese, Bobby Cannavale, Zachary Quinto and Dylan McDermott are seen in black and white, talking about why they love Armani’s clothes so much.

“I always searched my whole career for the best clothes, and I arrived at Armani,” Tony smiled.

“Being friends with Giorgio and his group was a lifesaver for me, creatively too. I was fascinated by the look he created, and still creates, the intelligence of the design, the use of fabric and colour,” Martin revealed.

Martin even made a documentary on the fashion star, titled Made in Milan.

Actors Benicio and Ray both recalled the first time they met Giorgio and became aware of who he was.

“I think I met him in Cannes, the film festival. But I don’t remember the year; it’s all blurry to me. He was in his pyjamas and everybody was in a tuxedo. Subtle, but it was like, ‘Wow, look at this guy. He’s really breaking the rules,’” Benicio reminisced.

“It actually happened, I became aware of Armani when I was doing Goodfellas, Martin Scorsese was doing a documentary on Mr Armani,” Ray told the camera.

When asked what colour they associate with the label, the stars were united in their answers. Benicio didn’t hesitate to say black, with Ray echoing the hue.

“Black, or dark blue. I don’t think you ever go in there and see a red jacket. Have I? There’s no red jacket is there. No, it’s dark blue or my stuff, my style.

“His clothes are just beautiful the way their cut, the material. That’s what it is for me. I like soft things,” Ray explained.

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