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Tori Amos: I should ditch heels

Tori Amos doesn't wear flats to dinner to avoid being "shamed" by her fashionable pals.

The 51-year-old is a musical icon, earning eight Grammy nominations for her contribution to the industry.

Over the years she's become somewhat of a style idol too thanks to her bold and unique aesthetic. That's not to say she enjoys all of her fashion choices though.

"I often regret that, especially after a full day of promo, I'll wish I had brought some flat shoes," she sighed to Q magazine when asked when she last regretted wearing heels. "I'll be sitting down for dinner in, say, New York and there'll always be one of my gay friends going: 'You cannot put those awful flats on for dinner!' And I'll say, 'Look what you're wearing!' And he goes, 'No, if I was a girl mine would be higher!'

"I love queens around me but they're ruthless and b***hy and that's why they're our fashion tyrants, but we must obey them or they will shame you all through dinner!"

Tori was born in North Carolina but currently resides in Cornwall, UK, with her husband Mark Hawley and their daughter Natashya. The local delicacy is pasties; pastry parcels with a tasty filling. However, the singer doesn't indulge in them anymore as she knows the harm they'll do to her waistline.

"In the 90s," Tori laughed on the topic of when she last tucked into one. "Because I live in Cornwall you think I eat them all the time? If I did, I wouldn't be able to reach the piano or side-saddle! No, it's not my thing, but I admire the whole tradition."

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