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Tori Amos: Young stars are too racy

Tori Amos doesn't think you need to strip off all your clothes to be sexy.

The American singer came to prominence in the '90s after a stint in an ill-fated pop group, and has recently released her 14th studio album.

Her classic training and haunting voice has led to eight Grammy Award nominations over her career, but as Tori reflects on her time in music, the aspect she thinks has most changed is women's attitudes to image.

"When I was coming up in the early '90s with Björk and Polly [PJ Harvey] it wasn't cool to be overly sexual. Now, everyone's taking their clothes off. Is it down to executives or is it also cultural demand?" she mused to British music magazine Q.

"I look at this through [daughter] Tash's eyes and she can like someone's music but not be seduced by the image they're pushing. She love Audrey Hepburn and you didn't see a lot of flesh from her."

The publication asked 50-year-old Tori to outline the ten rules she lives by, with the singer listing cherishing romance and never being a victim as two of them.

Tori also revealed that her talents aren't just limited to the studio, and boasted her sandwich-making skills are second to none.

"I used to camp out in the Joshua Tree [National Park] with my friends and the rule was, 'Make sure your cold boxes are cold.' In the desert anything can get ruined, especially anything with mayonnaise. One of the things I do better is make sandwiches. The sandwich would be roast chicken on toasted seeded grain, with Jarlsberg [cheese], rocket, tomato, spring onions and a mayo-mustard mix. I've worked on it for many years," she laughed.

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