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Tracee Ellis Ross: Alcohol damages hair

Tracee Ellis Ross says alcoholic hair products are not "your friend".

The stunning actress is renowned for her beautiful afro hair and chic style. Tracee has revealed her top tip to keeping her tresses in gorgeous condition.

"Never use product with alcohol because it will dry your hair out. It might give you a gorgeous curl to start with but trust me, eventually it will not be your friend!" she smiled in an interview with Pride magazine.

Tracee is a pro when it comes to maintaining her curls. The 39-year-old star has a beauty regime she sticks to, to ensure she always looks her best.

"A tip I learnt recently is never to leave a conditioner in your hair for longer than 20 minutes unless instructions specify that you do that," she explained. "I never wash my hair more than once a week, but I will wet it more often than that.

"You can feel my hair, it's super soft because when I use my diffuser I switch between cold and hot air."

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