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Tracee Ellis Ross: I dress for me

Tracee Ellis Ross doesn't care if people slam her style as she "dresses for [herself]".

The American actress is no stranger to industry events and loves nothing more than preparing herself for glamorous outings.

Tracee disregards what critics have to say about her wardrobe choices.

"Honey, I've got loads [of major fashion horrors.] People often don't like what I wear but I dress for myself," she said in an interview with Pride magazine. "There are so many blogs out there today and people love to comment on what you have on.

"My message to those people who are negative about what I wear; God bless you, you wear what you want, I'll wear what I want. And everyone's happy!"

Tracee doesn't rely on a stylist to get red carpet-ready. The 39-year-old star enlists the help of her friends to help her pick out her outfits.

"I never really use a stylist. I try on different dresses and take a picture of each dress, then I text the picture to my girlfriends and they vote on the dress, shoes and accessories I should wear," she revealed.

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