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Tracy Anderson: Paltrow is an idol

Tracy Anderson believes people should aspire to be like Gwyneth Paltrow.

The celebrity trainer and her Hollywood actress pal have formed a close bond over the years, recently collaborating for Gwyneth's website Goop.

Another star client of Tracy's is popstar Jennifer Lopez, and the blonde fitness expert cites both females as people others should aspire to be.

“[Jennifer and Gwyneth are] women I believe my audience should look up to," she told Page Six. “We need role models where women can be out on their own, they can be moms, they can have businesses and they can be sexy.”

Tracy also believes women shouldn't sacrifice their beauty to go far in life. Gwyneth is known for her stylish and smart ensembles while promoting her business and never lets her glamorous side slip.

“Why do we have to wear no make-up, put on a suit... to have a career? We shouldn’t have to forget about our femininity," Tracy commented.

The 41-year-old actress has relied on Tracy to keep her in shape for a while now, and the trainer has previously spoken how hard the mom of two works to achieve her toned physique.

"If you want to transform your body, you will. If you sit around complaining you don't like your body but aren't prepared to put the work in, there's really nothing I can do for you. People say, 'Oh it's so easy for Gwyneth,' it's not!" Tracy previously insisted.

"She's been my client for eight years - she does the work and changes her workout every ten days."

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