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Trey Songz shies away from paps

Trey Songz wears his favourite sweat suit "to death".

The 29-year-old star always stands out with his unique sense of style, such as the cool black jeans and white T-shirt combo he wore at the BET Awards last weekend.

He has a favourite outfit which he often turns to, but feels wary about donning it all the time because of the constant attention he receives from the press.

"I have this sweat suit that I wear to death. It's actually very comfortable. It's made by a clothing label named Preach. It's drop crotch in the pants and it's very free flowing. It's so comfortable but it's stylish too," Trey told "I hate the fact that I'm photographed every day though because I try to find a way to wear it every day. I'm keeping it serious with you."

Along with his impressive dress sense Trey boats several tattoos, such as writing on his left ab and a cross on his right arm. Giving advice to others out there wanting to get inked, the musician recommended something personal and minimal to start off with.

"I would say before you know what the pain is I would say draw something out that's valuable to you but small. My cousin ended up with a body full of tattoos but his first tattoo was the whole top of his arm. I always wondered: how could you go that big when you don't know what the pain will be like?" he explained. "Once they start, there's no stopping! This girl I knew one time had half of a tattoo on her back. I was like, 'What happened? When are you going to get it finished?' She said, 'I couldn't, it hurt too much.' The half she got done was pretty though."

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