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Underwood on crazy workouts

Carrie Underwood works out to songs that make her want to "hit something".

The country singer is known for belting out ballads, but insists her angelic good looks are down to heated exercise sessions. Carrie loves to work up a sweat by turning up the volume on her favourite "angry" tunes.

“My workout playlist is a bit random and angry,” she revealed in the November issue of Women’s Health. “I like really loud, mad music. Not necessarily stuff I’d listen to getting ready in the morning or driving around in my car."

The 30-year-old blonde star finds feeling annoyed motivates her to keep working out. Certain rock songs inspire Carrie to burn off the calories so she can continue to wow in elegant gowns on stage and at glitzy events.

"I want something that makes me want to hit something, if that makes any sense at all. I like mad music when I work out," she laughed.

Carrie has previously spoken more about her exercise regime. Her workouts depend on her schedule, but she finds plenty of ways to maintain her svelte figure.

"I go to the gym as much as possible but it depends on what my life is like. When I’m on tour I spend a lot of time in the gym because there is not a whole lot else to do and my days are pretty filled up so we can’t go anywhere - so I work out," she said last year in a web chat.

"I do a lot of body weights and I love to run - I’m a semi-athletic person."

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