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Uzo Aduba: Red carpet is like prom

Uzo Aduba likes to reflect her "strong" personality with her clothing away from the camera.

The Orange Is the New Black actress looks far from glamorous in her role as Suzanne 'Crazy Eyes' Warren, wearing prison overalls and sporting bags under her eyes.

In real life Uzo relishes the chance to doll herself up, and appreciates the hard work put into making her character look realistic for the circumstances.

"I like strong anything: strong choices, strong voices, strong make-up, strong looks, strong women. You know what I mean?" she revealed to Refinery29. "I like strong plus a noun - that’s my thing. Red carpets are an opportunity to really dress up. It’s like being able to go to the prom all over again.

"I like the collaboration [on the show] because there are so many different departments [collaborating], making the stuff. That is what theatre is. That’s what Orange is. It takes a lot of us to come together and make a good thing."

Another iconic thing about her alter ego in the hit TV series is her Bantu knots hairstyle, which Rihanna recently replicated for the iHeartRadio Music Awards 2014 last month. Uzo loves the 'do herself, but not the effect it has away from the camera.

"I used to wear my hair in the Bantu knots. I was doing a show right before Orange, and I was wearing my hair like that and then I had the idea to wear it to the audition. I thought that since the show is set in prison anyway, the knots work, and I didn’t think anything of it," she recalled. "I used to wear them [in real life], but I had to stop wearing them because that attention as Suzanne made me want to stop. I take them out when we finish shooting."

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