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Uzo Aduba to ‘kick cancer’s butt!’

Uzo Aduba has spoken about why she decided to raise money for charity by running in the forthcoming Boston Marathon.

The Emmy-winning Orange is the New Black actress will showcase her athletic ability in the forthcoming sporting event, which takes place on April 20.

Her run will generate much needed money for charity and Uzo is hoping the funds she earns for disease research will “kick cancer’s a*s”.

“I'm doing it for someone who really, truly, when I was growing up, helped me to realise my dreams and who isn't with us anymore. Her name is Andrea Trasher. I'm really sorry, I don't mean to cry. … She had breast cancer. … [She was] like a second mom,” she told Women’s Health magazine after audibly crying during the phone interview.

Andrea passed away last year and soon after her death Uzo began training for the Boston Marathon.

Running is a cathartic experience for the actress and after participating in the TCS New York City marathon in 2013, Uzo is hoping blasting music from her iPod during the over 26-mile course will help her get to the finish line.

“When I think of Andrea—talk about a fighter—when she passed away, the song that was most played on her iPod was Brave by Sara Bareilles. I love that song so much. I run to that every single day, and I'm going to run to it—I already told myself—when I'm coming through the finish line,” Uzo shared.

“I really just want to focus at the start because the beginning of the race is a strong downhill. And it's a tough course—we all know Heartbreak Hill, which is a steady incline uphill at a late point in the race when your body is already near quitting. I really want to focus.

“And then, for me, I would say the last five miles, I really just want to say thank you to those who are here and those who are gone and really just honour those people who have done so much for me in my life. And that last mile, like I already said, I want to put my earbuds in and just listen to Brave the entire way through.”

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