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Valentino designers: Male pieces are haute couture

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli thinks menswear is just like haute couture.

The Valentino designers are putting on their first men's runway show this week, debuting the Fall/Winter 12 line in Florence, Italy. They have been creating pieces for men for a long time, but previously showcased in their showroom.

To mark the occasion the designers have spoken about how they approach designing for males.

"Menswear in our vision is very close to the idea of personal and private luxury such as with the haute couture. It is a different result, of course, but the approach is quite similar Volume and proportions are contemporary but with an echo of memory of sartorial and couture culture, silhouettes are cutting edge and sharp, constructions are very precise, maintaining lightness. [The Valentino man and the Valentino woman] share the same culture of couture and same spirit of effortless elegance," they told

The pair went on to talk about their inspiration for the new line. They explained movies played a big part in the looks, as did "Roman style".

The designers are pleased with how they have developed the pieces and hope people are happy with the new direction they have taken.

"This collection is close to the values of beauty and luxury of the brand, but our man is definitely far from what [he] was before. Beauty is individual and luxury is understated," they revealed. "You need a workmanship culture to buy a couture piece as you would need it to buy a sartorial jacket with the kind of innovation that takes place when tradition meets technology."

They also chatted about the looks they like to see on men. They don't obsess about certain pieces, explaining it is the overall ensemble which is important.

"The perfect suit. The perfect shirt. The perfect tie. The perfect shoes. The perfect outerwear. The perfect denim. To be perfect, everything has to be authentic, but with the perfect proportions and a subtle something - everything is just about the obsession for perfection!" they laughed.

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