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Vanessa Hudgens: Lipstick is fancy

Vanessa Hudgens doesn't spend too long on her make-up but puts on enough to look presentable to the paparazzi.

The former High School Music star likes having a regime in place when it comes to getting ready.

Sticking to her tried and tested beauty routine helps her feel confident when facing the paparazzi that surround her Los Angeles home.

"My hair is constantly changing, so it can take a while to sort out, but I try not to spend too long on make-up. I slap on a little powder... mascara and blush is a must. If I feel fancy, I’ll add a little colour on my lips," Vanessa told UK newspaper the Sunday Times. "As soon as I step out the door in LA, I know I’ll be photographed."

Vanessa shared how she starts a typical day in her life. She likes to schedule in her exercise early on and always starts the day with a healthy breakfast.

"I always set my alarm for 7am because I like structure and discipline in my day. Mornings can make me feel a little crazy. My eyes pop open and I leap out of bed singing. I put on sweatpants, have a banana and head to the gym. I do classes like yoga and pilates, and can’t wait to feel that rush of endorphins," she explained.

"After that, I go home, have a proper breakfast - something like oatmeal and a protein shake - and jump in the shower. I like having Mom over for lunch and I get food delivered from a couple of places nearby. We had vegan Thai today."

The striking brunette used to feel anxious about her looks. Vanessa is part Filipino and also has Irish and Native American blood. She's learnt to accept her roots as a blessing.

"Having all those different people and places in my history is a wonderful feeling. It opens my eyes to the world," she added.

"I was also a bit of an oddball at school. I was extremely unhealthy and used to live on tubs of ice cream and Cheetos. I was shy, introverted and didn’t have any friends until I was 12. I just wasn’t popular. That’s when I learnt how to play the game and how the world worked."

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