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Vanessa Hudgens: Turquoise is everything

Vanessa Hudgens has cautioned young fans against being obsessed with looking a certain way in social media photos.

The 26-year-old actress did a shoot for the Beauty Coach website in which she is donning a headdress, feathers and other accessories originating from tribal culture.

Vanessa loves Native American dress so much she felt compelled to show her appreciation for the looks in her Beauty Coach editorial, which was photographed by Riawna Capri.

“I love to adventure and explore,” she gushed in an interview with the site. “The world is such a beautiful, massive place with so much to offer. The more new experiences I have the more present I am. I also love experiencing different cultures. It really inspires me seeing how other people live, what they treasure and how they adorn themselves.

“I went to New Mexico and fell in love with the history. The explorers, the turquoise, the way of the old world. I wanted to do a shoot inspired by the Native Americans. I just love it.”

Vanessa normally dons a boho-chic look, with things like gladiator sandals and short summer dresses.

She is active on Instagram and happily shares images of her life with fans online.

But Vanessa has cautioned against being too restrictive with selfies, or Photoshopping to the point of no return.

“I think it’s quite silly. If you don’t like the way you look in a photo then quite frankly, maybe you’re trying to be someone you’re not,” she noted. “Women shine so bright when they know who they are and are proud to show it. Express yourself in photos, don’t try to be someone else.

“Don’t obsess over it. There’s a beautiful world out there and nothing compares to human contact. Yes social media can be fun but don’t dedicate too much time to it. Live your life first, and share moments you’ve captured second.”

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