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Vanessa Minnillo: Lachey gives me confidence

Vanessa Minnillo says husband Nick Lachey makes her feel beautiful even when she is having an "off" day.

The stunning star praised the musician for appreciating her natural beauty. Vanessa said hearing her partner's compliments gives her an instant confidence boost.

"He always just tells me how beautiful I am and that he loves me. I think any woman wants to hear that because we have our off days, so whether they're lying or not, to hear that from your man is always encouraging," she told website Parade.

Vanessa revealed that she hasn't always had such a supportive partner.

Recalling a previous relationship, she told how her boyfriend at the time told her to lighten her brunette hair which ended in a beauty disaster.

"I dated a guy once who wanted me to have blonde hair. Clearly, he was the wrong guy for me! I went to a lady who bleached my hair and it literally fell out. So, not only did I go back to my natural hair, I broke up with the guy!" she said.

The incident wasn't the last time the presenter suffered hair troubles. She has spoken openly about her hair falling out from work-related stress.

But the newly-wed revealed she found the solution to her problems when she got married, thanks to a product developed by her friend and hairstylist Betsy Reyes.

"I do a lot of damage to my hair every day because of my work. I just noticed this huge change. It started getting thinner and it started falling out. I hit 30, and I literally felt like I was balding!" she said.

"She [Betsy] used it [Diamax by Nioxin] at my wedding and I immediately saw a change. If a girl doesn't have healthy looking hair then she just looks a hot mess!"

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