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Vanessa Williams: Appearance is a battle

Vanessa Williams has discussed ageing gracefully and says turning 50 brings "a constant battle" with looks.

The Ugly Betty actress discussed ageing gracefully while being interviewed with her daughters for a behind-the-scenes video on

Vanessa's two children Jillian and Melanie Hervey are both in their 20s. The actress expects that they, like her, haven't reached their prime when it comes to their looks just yet.

"I looked my best mid to late 30s," Vanessa explained. "[Being 50 is] just a constant battle every day. A new wrinkle appears; a new dark spot appears."

Vanessa has sought professional help to smooth out wrinkles in the past. She joked the procedure is the reason she looks so good for her age.

"I've just turned 50 years old and I'm still alive. I'd like to say I'm ageing gracefully," Vanessa, who celebrated her landmark birthday in March, laughed.

"I definitely have used Botox before and I think it's something, if done in the right way, can be completely natural looking. Obviously as an actress I have to be able to move my face so I go to someone who does it the right way."

Exercise plays an important part in her family's life. Vanessa shared the extent of her fitness routine, which includes various different forms of sport.

"I do Tae Bo and this class called Drenched. I've got a yoga instructor and a trainer," she explained. "I just started a heavy-bag class, which is like boxing and cardio, and I salsa dance with my girlfriends. I try to do something every day. Continually exercising is natural for us."

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