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Viggo: I'm a fan of '60s fashion

Viggo Mortensen appreciates how much men cared about their appearance in the '60s.

The actor stars as Chester MacFarland in The Two Faces of January alongside Kirsten Dunst and Oscar Isaac. Taking place during the swinging '60s, the thriller allowed Viggo to slip into some amazing costumes.

"I loved it. In that period, there was a different mindset – even if men were crooks like Chester, appearance was directly connected to a sense of pride and dignity," he explained to

"When you see photographs from the Depression era, even people who were unemployed or were factory workers – if they had one suit or one jacket, they wore it, even if it was rumpled. Your appearance was important. And if you didn’t have an iron? I suppose you’d put your trousers under your mattress.

"There’s a scene in the film where Chester behaves really badly and gets really drunk, and the next morning, by the time he’s gone to buy a doughnut to bring to his wife as a peace offering, he’s pulled himself together as best he can because that’s important to him. It’s not a scam, it’s just the way he was raised and the way men looked at themselves in that time."

The movie was filmed in some hot climates, including scenes in Greece and Turkey. Wearing heavy suits in such weather conditions only added to Viggo's character.

"The stuff we started filming at first was the stuff where Chester was starting to unravel – he was starting to drink more, he was sweaty and kind of all over the place. So it was helpful, because it was still hot in Crete at that time – it worked well for that crumpled, dishevelled look," he recalled.

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