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Viggo Mortensen: My suit's a character

Viggo Mortensen has described the white linen suit he wears in The Two Faces of January as another character in the movie.

The Lord of the Rings star is currently starring opposite Kirsten Dunst and Oscar Isaac in The Two Faces of January.

Set in the 1960s, the thriller sees a couple flee to Greece after getting caught up in a scandal. For Viggo the clothes worn throughout the movie tell a story as much as the characters do.

"Well, the linen suit we see my character wearing in the beginning in the sunshine is great. My character turns out to be a conman, but at first him and his wife Colette - played by Kirsten Dunst - appear to be this perfect Gatsby-esque American couple reclining in the sunshine," Viggo explained to GQ magazine.

"I liked that suit because it's a great suit. It's an additional character in the story. It has its own transformation. By the time we get to the end of the movie the suit has its wrinkles, it's a little torn, a little soiled and it ends up in the dark and rain in Istanbul. I didn't feel I needed to keep it, I got some other souvenirs."

Kirsten was also fond of her on-set wardrobe, which consisted of an array of dresses reminiscent of the stylish era. Each of her dresses were custom made to fit her perfectly, with the film's costume designer Steven Noble commenting on how much she adored them.

"She did love them," Steven smiled to "The costumes were timeless and contemporary but with elements of the 60s. I wanted to keep it minimal, contemporary, chic, classic and basic."

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