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Washington's Scandal styling

Kerry Washington acts as an "inspiration" for her Scandal character's costumes.

The 37-year-old actress portrays former White House Communications Director Olivia Pope in the hit TV series.

Her character is known for her fabulous ensembles, created with the help of stylist Lyn Paolo.

Together Lyn and Kerry work intensely to get Olivia's look spot on and they approach the project as a real person.

"I think that Kerry would agree when I say that we talk about Olivia Pope as a third person in our fittings," Lyn told

"Although Kerry's innate sense of fashion is an inspiration for me in dressing the character Olivia Pope, I do not think that their two styles overlap. They are very separate women."

One of the most enviable things about Olivia is her impressive handbag collection, mainly filled with Prada designs.

Lyn was lucky enough to receive a special handbag seen in a well-known film to use while shooting the programme.

"Well, I adore all things Prada! Also, this season when Olivia was mugged and then saved by Huck, you can see that soon after, Olivia started to carry Prada bags since the script and story drive the costumes," she explained.

"Kerry and I thought this would be a good moment to make that that change [to carrying Prada bags]. Prada was kind enough to loan us the bag carried by Meryl Streep in the beginning of The Devil Wears Prada, which was so gracious of them."

Fans have joked about how Olivia is able to wear spotless white outfits without leaving any marks behind. Lyn puts this cleanness down to her expert team.

"My amazing team of costumers, including the ever delightful Francesca Bruno, ensure that all remains pristine on the set. We have actually not had any problems at all," she smiled.

"I personally would not fare as well. Kerry Washington, as always, is a consummate professional, and her 'wine and popcorn' moments have definitely become a fan favourite!"

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