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Washington's wardrobe 'amped up'

Scandal's costume designer says there is an "emotional reason" behind Kerry Washington's outfits in season three.

The actress was voted People magazine's Most Stylish this year and also portrays fashion-conscious Olivia Pope in the TV drama.

Her character is known for her impeccably-tailored suits and costume designer Lyn Paolo revealed fans can expect more colour and asymmetry in season three.

"Hopefully viewers will see the emotional reason to make these changes, and we've amped up the fashion, too, because we needed it for the story," she told The Associated Press.

Lyn has 80 characters to dress on the show.

Her hectic working life means she keeps her own clothing as simple as possible, claiming she wears largely monochrome.

"We should call it Scramble not Scandal," she grinned.

Lyn is always planning ahead and has many ideas for characters ready in her head before she even starts work on an episode.

One was "an African-American woman in light clothes and a custom Louise Green hat".

"I had an image of Diana Ross. I would have liked a bigger brim on the hat, but our sets are too dark and you couldn't see Kerry's face," she sighed.

Lyn also works on comedy drama Shameless, which stars Hollywood beauty Emmy Rossum.

The show requires a grittier look than slick Scandal, which the designer sometimes struggles with as Emmy is too "model-like".

"You'll look at her and say, 'She looks too good in that!'" she laughed.

Season three of Scandal is currently being shown on US channel ABC.

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