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Wasikowska's biscuit game

Mia Wasikowska tried to fit packets of biscuits into her period costume while filming Jane Eyre.

The Australian actress played the title character in 2011's adaptation of Jane Eyre, directed by Cary Fukunaga. Despite the elaborate wardrobe, Mia and her castmates found ways to have fun with what they were wearing.

"On Jane Eyre, we'd play 'How many packets of biscuits can you fit on your bustle [skirt]?' I got eight. I don't think I won," she giggled to the latest edition of British magazine ELLE.

The 24-year-old also stars in more contemporary cinematic offerings, such as dark comedy The Double and adventure drama Tracks. It was a welcome break when she could get out of the period costume.

"It was great to be in clothing I didn't have to be precious about," she smiled. "Period clothing is beautiful, but it's difficult stuff to wear. It's so uncomfortable - you have to stand up, as you can't get it creased, or you have people on you all the time, adjusting buttons."

The star is often snapped looking gorgeous on the red carpet. While she might not enjoy elaborate Victorian dresses, she does like keeping an eye out for current trends.

"I definitely have an appreciation for fashion," she told "I mean, those guys - the designers I mean - they're just so incredibly creative. I love Clare Tough, I think she's British. She does the most amazing knitted sweaters."

However, fans won't be catching her in a commercial anytime soon.

"I'm not sure about becoming a campaign star though... It would depend on what brand is, what it was for and on timings - we'll see," she mused.

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