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Watts 'delightful' dressed as Diana

Naomi Watts was "delightful" to dress for Diana, insists designer Jacques Azagury.

The actress portrays the royal in biopic Diana, which has received mixed reviews from critics.

While the film itself might not have gone down well, there's no denying that Naomi looks beautiful in the costumes, which were created by Jacques Azagury, one of Diana's favourite designers.

"The dresses have a true history, a story," he explained to

"It was a truly nostalgic experience. It was touching to revisit and see Naomi transforming into Diana. Of course it will never be the same, but if you're going to have anyone attempt it, well, Naomi is the crème de la crème."

Just like Britain's Duchess of Cambridge today, many people looked to Diana for an idea of the latest trends in royal fashion.

Jacques really enjoyed the time he spent with Naomi, picking out the perfect pieces for the movie.

"Diana was an international fashion icon. She had a real presence - she was tall, at 5ft 10 - but she really knew how to command a room," he reminisced.

"Naomi was delightful, she said she liked working with me - and we worked very fast. We've got our atelier out the back [of the Knightsbridge store], so we were able to fit and alter the dresses on site."

Diana gave a world-famous Panorama interview in 1995.

She wore a demure black skirt-suit with tights and Jacques explained the thinking behind the outfit.

"Diana would always find what she wanted quickly - there was never too much fuss. She could pick out a dress in seconds. For that Panorama interview, she wanted something simple, not too sexy - she came in and just pointed: 'That one,'" he recalled.

"All the dresses she wore were special, but I think my personal favourite has to be the one she wore for her 36th birthday. I gave it to her as a gift, to say thank you. It was a black beaded Chantilly lace gown with bow straps, and she wore it that night. I mean, she could have picked anyone, or anything to wear. It just blew me away, to think that my designs were a part of fashion history."

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