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Whitney Port: Don't pile on make-up

Whitney Port believes "less is more" when it comes to beauty.

The stunning star made her mark in reality show The Hills, before unveiling her own clothing line called Whitney Eve. Despite being hailed as a fashion-forward style expert, Whitney has revealed she has many beauty regrets.

"One time on the red carpet, I just put too much white powder on. When I was in high school, I used to put on so much make-up, because I didn't have the best skin," she told Style List.

"And then I'd do the black eyeliner underneath. Now, I think less is more."

Whitney admires many stars around her. She thinks A-list beauty Jennifer Lopez is gorgeous and has a fabulous stylist who always makes her look red carpet-ready.

"I love Alexa Chung. And Jennifer Lopez; her skin is always glowing, and her eyes pop. Whoever is doing her make-up is doing a great job," she smiled.

Whitney says there are many trends sweeping across beauty-conscious Los Angeles. The star prefers to stay in the more relaxed areas.

"The beauty in LA is much more beachy, obviously, but it depends where you are in LA. If you go to Beverly Hills, you'll see the plastic surgery craziness-over-the-top people with really blond hair. I live in Venice Beach now, and it's really natural beauty," she revealed.

"Here, I think people are a little more sophisticated, look like they spend more time and are just more fashionable and trendy."

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