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Whitney Port: Exercise is a release

Whitney Port sees working out as a release.

The 30-year-old has become a global sensation since appearing on reality shows The Hills and The City, launching a fashion range and earning style icon status.

Her slender figure looks fabulous in every outfit and it's all thanks to a regular workout regime.

"It may sound boring but it's really about moderation. I use fitness and working out as something that helps me get through the day, you know, it's a release for me," she told "It helps me just take on the day with a lot more strength and confidence. So working out is a definite necessity in my life. I try to work out at least five times a week. I do a lot of spinning and a little bit of yoga. But mostly spinning, just because it's a really good release and a really good sweat."

Whitney's flawless complexion is also a point of envy. She often highlights her natural beauty with a barely-there make-up look as she isn't a fan of layering up cosmetics. For Whitney, a less is more approach works best.

"I really think that when you start to cake things on and try many different things - foundations, creams and concealers - that's when your skin starts to look a little ruddy and aged. I think it's really about keeping moisturised and keeping your face clean," she advised. "I make sure, no matter what state I'm in before I go to sleep, my face is always fresh and clean and moisturised. I think it's really just about taking care of it on a daily basis and having a good routine for your skin and really keeping it clean."

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