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Whitney Port: My line is great

Whitney Port wants people to realise she has a "great fashion line" when she shows at New York Fashion Week today.

The 26-year-old rose to fame on hit TV show The Hills and launched her own label, Whitney Eve, in 2008.

Whitney is showing her Fall/Winter 2012 collection at Fashion Week today and wants to show the world that she is a talented designer.

"I want to show people I'm really in this to create a great fashion line," she told People. "There's this thought that people on TV just put their names on lines and it's not something they're passionate about. For me, I've always wanted to do this, since day one. Being on TV was just this added thing that I kind of fell into."

Whitney hopes her turn at Fashion Week inspires more people to pick up her pieces. Even though she describes her collection as "a small, boutiquey line," she believes it has to potential to keep growing.

"I'd love to see more girls wearing it on the street," she smiled.

Whitney is feeling anxious ahead of the prestigious catwalk show. She also revealed her family's support means a lot.

"I'm pretty nervous," she admitted. "My parents are here, my sister and my brother are here, another sister's coming.

"They're here to support."

Whitney took to her blog this week to muse about the upcoming show. The star revealed the dramas she was experiencing ahead of the event.

"There have been model castings, fittings, meetings, styling, shoe allocating, hosiery allocating, jewelry allocating, accessory selection, shoe drama, sample drama, lighting tests, working on run of show, and very little sleep! It's been an overwhelming process but I've been running on pure adrenaline and loving every minute. One day to go (sic)!" she wrote.


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