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Whitney Port prefers subtle eyeliner

Whitney Port doesn't like using heavy eyeliners.

The TV star-turned-designer is known for her fresh-faced look. Whitney has a flawless complexion so she doesn't need to apply many beauty products.

"I don't really love the look of thick liner on your eyelid so I use those chubby sticks instead. I just smudge it along my lashline and rub it in a little so I instantly have a pretty, smoky, bronzy eye," she told Britain’s Company magazine. "I don't do mascara. I just keep it basic, make my skin look pretty and that's it. I just put on a bit of powder and Bobbi Brown bronzer and curl my eyelashes. That's my beauty routine done for going to work.

"I feel like if I'm going for the more natural beauty look, I'm better at it."

Whitney insists she never spends too long getting ready. The 28-year-old is blessed with good skin and long blonde hair, so she can leave the house looking great in no time at all.

"I don't think I am [high maintenance] but if you ask my boyfriend, he'll probably say I am!" Whitney laughed. "I can shower and be out the door in half an hour, which I think is pretty good. Maybe he's been with really low-maintenance girls before!

"I try to keep a healthy mind-set all year round because living in LA, it's always warm, so you're always showing off your body."

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