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Whitney Port puts skincare first

Whitney Port always tries to wash her makeup off at night "no matter what state [she's] in".

The style idol is famed for her flawless complexion, which she always tries to look after properly.

Whitney has discussed the best beauty advice she has ever received.

"It sounds pretty simple, but someone once told me that less is always more, and I stick to that. Often the more you cover up with make-up, the more it ages you and it can leave your skin looking heavily creased. This applies especially to concealer, as the more I layer under my eyes, the more I look like I have dark circles!" she exclaimed in an interview with

"Another beauty tip I've taken up is to always wash my make-up off at the end of the night. No matter what state I'm in! If I'm feeling lazy, I use make-up remover wipes, but try to stick to a full facial cleansing routine when I can."

Whitney likes to indulge in beauty treatments every once in a while. The 28-year-old star loves the results so much she wishes she could have expensive procedures more often.

"Spoiling myself with a relaxing 90-minute-long oxygen facial! It leaves my skin plump and hydrated, which provides a great base for make-up," she revealed, when asked what her biggest beauty indulgence is.

"I've also been for a microdermabrasion which is fantastic! My skin was transformed as if a new layer had quite literally been revealed. It felt so fresh and healthy - I wish I could go every week!"

Whitney pays her body extra attention ahead of hitting the beach. Knowing she has to slip into a bikini encourages her to change up her diet too.

"If I know I'm going to be hitting the beach I'll take extra steps to ensure I'm feeling completely body-confident," she said.

"Exercising and eating healthily are great ways to make sure you look and feel sexy in your swimsuit. I'll also ensure my skin looks and feels healthy and smooth so I'll really step up my exfoliation routine by using a good loofah and apply a rich moisturiser twice a day."

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