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Whitney Port: Rhinestones helped make me

Whitney Port has never forgotten how hard she worked to make it big as a designer.

The style star was first brought to the public's attention when she was interning at Teen Vogue magazine and cast in US reality TV show The Hills, then later spin-off series The City.

She launched her fashion line Whitney Eve in 2008 and then got a position with Diane von Furstenberg, but has never forgotten the ground work she put in to make her designs a success.

"You have to start somewhere. I was working in God-knows-where California doing the littlest things, like counting the 246 rhinestones that needed to go on the back pockets of jeans," Whitney told audience members as part of the LinkedIn Discussion Series.

"I think there's this preconceived notion that anyone's that made it has just made it overnight. You don't know all the hard work they've been doing underground that's gotten them to where they are."

Labelling her TV career "great exposure" Whitney was also helped along by her father Jeffrey, who worked as a garment manufacturer.

When her dad sadly passed away in 2013 the 29-year-old was faced with fresh challenges and is delighted with what she has now achieved.

"That challenge, picking up the pieces and learning new tasks I had never learned before - those moments [without my dad] ended up being my proudest and most empowering," she smiled.

The blonde star also praised her former boss Diane and says she still looks to her former mentor for inspiration.

"Diane started with a vision and created a whole empire around how to make girls feel confident and sexy. That's definitely something that I strive to be," she gushed.

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