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Wilde: Shaving pits is private

Olivia Wilde would rather show off her finished "vision" than get ready in front of her partner.

The 29-year-old actress, who is engaged to actor Jason Sudeikis, is known for her flawless appearance and striking beauty.

When getting ready Olivia can't bring herself to undergo the transformation in front of her future husband and would rather step out once finished.

"I never want to shave my armpits with my partner there. There's just no way to make that look really gorgeous. Otherwise, once you're married and have a family, you don't really have a lot of shame," she laughed to

"But even for now, when I'm doing my make-up, I prefer to go away, do it on my own, and then come back. It's like I don't need him to know how long this face takes. I'd rather just reveal my vision. But I do think putting on make-up is one of the fun things about being a woman. I think men actually feel envious of it. I think they all secretly wish they could put on some blue eyeliner."

Turning the conversation to how she takes care of her face, Olivia has a straightforward, minimal routine. She doesn't believe in applying heavy layers of products to look good.

"No one has a perfect complexion. Make-up certainly helps, but it doesn't mean slathering on foundation. It's about finding the things that work for you and for your colour, learning how to use concealer properly," she advised.

"My skincare routine is very simple. I wash it and moisturise it. I exfoliate probably once a week. I'm not great about remembering all the other creams you can use, the eye creams and all that. I keep it pretty simple."

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