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Wilde’s hair worries

Olivia Wilde has dyed her hair so many times, she's amazed it remains in good condition.

The American actress has changed the colour of her locks over the years for certain film roles, including most recently light blonde for her role as model Suzy Miller in Rush.

While she has managed to keep her hair in top condition, Olivia admits she has suffered some big hair disasters in the past.

"More than I have time to list here!" she laughed to British magazine Look. "I've dyed it so many times for work; I'm surprised it's still attached to my head. Once, many years ago, when dyeing it from blonde to dark brown, it turned green with a black stripe. Not a good look."

When it comes to having a beauty icon Olivia looks to classic Hollywood actresses for inspiration. There is one star in particular who she absolutely loves and makes regular tributes to with her style and make-up.

"I've always loved Katherine Hepburn, with her strong brows and cheekbones. I admire her unapologetically powerful aesthetic," she gushed. "Recently, I wore a dark burgundy lipstick in her honour. Revlon make a lovely one with a velvety finish."

Olivia takes a leaf out of Katherine's book and takes great care of her eyebrows. One way in which she does this, is by not plucking them after getting carried away one day many years ago.

"They're naturally very point and sparse, so I fill them out with the help of a good brow pencil," she confessed. "I haven't plucked them in ten years, because once I over-plucked them when I was young and they never really grew back!"

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