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Will Ferrell avoided crazy movie hair

Will Ferrell reshot scenes for his new film if his hair looked "too crazy".

The comedy actor has explained how time consuming it was to make sure his character looked groomed in every shot of The Campaign. In the movie, Will plays the part of a hair-obsessed politician called Cam Brady, and so the conscientious star went to extreme lengths to guarantee there was no bad hair days on set.

"I'm focused on my hair throughout the movie, yeah. That's kind of a huge thing. And I don't know if there's anything coming, but I know there are moments where we literally reshot something because the wind was blowing and my hair was looking too crazy and it just wouldn't work for Cam," he explained to

"We reshot a whole speech so that I could have more perfect hair. That's a huge elementwhich has been fun."

Will says his character's intense interest in his own appearance not only proved a time consuming part to film but also provided some of the wackiest memories for him from the time spent shooting the movie.

"I think someone snapped a picture of us when we were outside, and it ran in Huffington Post saying, 'Look out [US politician] Mitt Romney, there's new hair in politics!'" he laughed. "But, yeah, that was one of the first things I thought of when I thought of my character. I wanted to have this perfect, y'know, photogenic hairstyle."

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